Services Offered

Individual Coaching

Are you overwhelmed with your diagnosis? Do you feel depressed or fearful about your future? If so, engage in a series of coaching sessions that will help you view your world and your current circumstances from a more positive and productive perspective. Allow yourself the freedom to trust someone who relates totally to your feelings and can help you move to a place of empowerment. Being empowered allows you to take control of your life, freeing your mind to move forward with future plans and goals.

Coaching sessions can be stand alone or done in combination with a “Survivor’s Empowerment Tool”, an assessment that allows you to understand how you think about yourself and your world. The sessions involve a unique coaching process called Core Energy Coaching.  This is a process that will reveal your level of both catabolic and anabolic energy.  As a professional Core Energy Coach, I will help you create and experience the life of YOUR choosing. It will reveal your level of both catabolic (negative) and anabolic (positive) energy. The assessment includes a debrief/coaching session which will explain in detail what the assessment means. Coaching based on this assessment will help you learn how to use your attitude to best serve your goals, not only in dealing with your diagnosis/prognosis but in dealing with your interpersonal relationships as well.

Group Coaching

If you’d rather share your feelings in the company of others with similar experiences then group coaching is for you. Sometimes it helps to relate to how others are doing and coping to add more momentum in your own life. Any or all group members may elect to have an individual “Survivor’s Empowerment Tool” assessment done. All assessments include an individual debrief which will explain, in detail, what your assessment tells you about your catabolic (negative) and anabolic (positive) energy levels. Group coaching will help you learn how to use this information to your advantage, i.e. shift your energy level when needed to serve your immediate and long range goals.


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