Taking Control of Your Cancer

If you've been diagnosed with a chronic or incurable cancer, chances are you have experienced some fear about your future.  This is a perfectly normal reaction but one you must try to not let overwhelm you.  One way to make that happen is to start making decision on your own about how to treat your cancer.  This doesn't mean straying away from your doctor's recommendations on traditional treatment.  If you have complete confidence in your doctor you should by all means follow their advice.

What I advocate is that you do more, over and above your doctor's advice, to enhance your chances of living a cancer free life.  First, despite your complete confidence in your physician, or lack thereof, you should ask as many questions as possible.  If you've elected to do chemotherapy or radiation, you want to make sure your red and white blood count is sufficient to withstand treatment, especially chemo.  Most physicians will prescribe Neulasta, or some similar drug, to enhance your white blood count.  However, not much is prescribed for your red blood count, other than time.  If you're like me, you don't want to prolong your treatments any longer than necessary.  So, look into drinking chlorophyll (add drops to a glass of water) to help speed the production of red blood cells.

Another critical component of your recovery is to ensure your Vitamin D level is on the high side of normal.  Your physician should be monitoring your Vitamin D level but if not, be sure and ask him/her to do so.  Vitamin D has been shown to be very important to fighting cancer.  So, your physician should be more than happy to have your level tested.  If low, they may prescribe a pill form of Vitamin D to address the issue.  If that doesn't work (your level should be checked at every treatment, along with other blood work), try getting a liquid Vitamin D3 supplement.  It must be from a good manufacturer, like Xymogen.

These are only a few suggestions you can undertake and still be in full compliance with your physician's treatment.  However, you should be sure to discuss these issues with your physician once you decide to try them.  You may have individual circumstances that conflict with natural remedies so always discuss with your doctor.

Stay tuned for more tips on enhancing your chances for a cancer free life!


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