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There’s a lot of talk going on about how your thinking can manifest your reality.  In fact, all the buzz around The Secret focuses on just that…being able to alter your thinking to create the life you want.  Because there was no hard core scientific evidence presented to support that claim many thought it mere fantasy.  Yet, the concept of changing your thoughts to change your reality makes perfect common sense.  For that reason alone, many tried to embrace it but somehow could not bring it to fruition.   The Secret just “seemed” too simplistic.

In fact, there is plenty of scientific evidence found in quantum physics to support the basic concept of The Secret.  As Dianne Collins explains in her book Do You Quantum Think, research and studies by quantum physicists revealed that we live in an Observer-Created Reality.  These conclusions were based on a study performed by numerous quantum physicists when they attempted to use instruments to observe and measure atomic and subatomic particles.  Initially they thought the instruments were faulty but eventually uncovered that it was not the instruments but the observer that affected the movement.  Each observation, regardless of the tool being used, altered the thing being observed in a completely irreversible and often unpredictable way.  The bottom line conclusion was that the movement within atoms are completely dependent upon the observer.  Known as “the observer effect” this principle is now a central fact of the quantum world.  As humans, we are both the objective observer and subjective player in our own reality and can create desired outcomes by adjusting our intent and expectations.  Yes, this may seem far-fetched to many who have never had the good fortune to ponder such possibilities and/or have it explained to them.  However, consider the path of all successful people (however you define success) and you will note a common theme among them.  Most, if not all, say how they’ve always known, on some level, that they were either destined for something great or have always envisioned themselves doing something great.  Somewhere deep inside they “knew” and deeply believed in their desired outcome.

If you apply this same line of thinking to not only success but to health the exact same conclusion can be formed.  If someone contracts a deadly and/or chronic disease, the same principle can be applied.  Notwithstanding the fact that our Creator has an expiration date for all of us, the amount of control we have over our own health and quality of life may be greater than we think.  We’ve heard so many stories of people beating the odds.  When this happens we often chalk it up to the unknown, unexplainable, a miracle or God’s will.  Yes, it is a miracle and, if you believe in a Supreme Being, it was sanctioned by God.  Yet, could it be that we all have free will and more freedom to control our destiny than we previously thought?  Do we all have the ability to perform miraculous feats explained through quantum physics that are gifted to us from God?

I have a friend who has been battling ovarian cancer for almost 6 years.  Surgeons were never able to completely remove the tumors from her during the initial operation so she’s been on and off chemotherapy this entire time.  Last year one of her tumors grew so large it blocked her colon.  Her current doctors refused to perform a second operation and told her there was nothing more they could do.  In essence, they pretty much gave up on her.  However, she did not give up!  Being a single mother with a 10 year old son, she knew she had to live.  Although her health began to take a significant nosedive with weight loss and a more hollow appearance and concern for her survival among family and friends intensified, she fought the good fight.  Her determination to live was unwavering.  She searched and searched until she found a physician willing to attempt to remove the tumor.  The surgery, however, was only partially successful.  The entire tumor could not be removed without leaving her completely dependent upon a colostomy for the rest of her life.  Knowing this was against her wishes, the physician had to leave half the tumor in her body.  So, in addition to even more chemo, she reached outside the bounds of traditional medicine to include naturopathic treatments.  One year later, she called to advise me her tumor had been annihilated and she was back to her normal, healthy weight!!

I can’t help but believe that had she given into the odds and the beliefs of her doctors who had given up on her, that she would not be here today.  She decided NOT to buy into their observation of her circumstances.  She set her intent on survival and that’s all she entertained throughout this ordeal.  Because she wanted to live, she was able to find the physician she needed to operate and the naturopath she needed to support her with alternative treatment.  While enjoying the love and support of faithful family and friends and ignoring the doubters, she was successful in altering her “reality”.

So, is this the luck of the draw, coincidence, or her manifesting her own reality?  You decide.

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