Mission Statement:

I partner with women with chronic illnesses and/or incurable diseases, especially cancer, to explore the best way for them to live as healthy as possible through compassionate, holistic coaching. I meet women at their emotional place and guide them to a higher level of awareness.

Vision Statement:

I strive to empower women with incurable diseases to be proactive in their quest to overcome medical challenges. My goal is to guide women from a state of fear to fearlessness and to live in a state of joy.


Reframe your thinking:

  • Navigate your way through this cancer journey by releasing resistance and flowing toward a place of peace.
  • Challenge your mind to choose life and to choose quality living.
  • Learn to identify where you are so you can get to where you want to go.


Explore physical healing beyond the boundaries of traditional medicine:

  • Understand the importance of exercise – create new habits and alter a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Learn to modify your eating to incorporate healthier nutritional habits (moving beyond the USDA recommended daily allowance).
  • Learn about complimentary medicine that can aid in the recovery process and possibly ward off a recurrence.


Get in touch with your highest potential:

  • Strive to release heaven on earth by living to your full potential.
  • Strive to view your human journey as an avenue to freeing your spiritual connection to God.
  • Learn to be more focused in the present, leaving the past behind and minimize worry about the future.